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Children's Care Hospital & School has a medical staff of over 70 pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists that care for our children. Many of the physicians hold clinics on-site in order to provide optimal care within our environment without children having to be transported to appointments at their clinics. The medical staff participates in Children's Care Hospital & School quality initiatives and review processes.

Gregory Alvine, M.D.                Susan Anderson, M.D.             
Sami Awadallah, M.D.              Barry Bauer, M.D.                   
Elizabeth Bauer, M.D.               Jerome Blake, M.D.                 
Scott Boyens, M.D.                   Kara Bruning, M.D.                  
Bonnie Bunch, M.D.                 Walter Carlson, M.D.               
Adela Casas-Melley, M.D.        Richard Curd, M.D.                 
Laura Davis-Keppen, M.D.       Douglas DeHaan, M.D.            
Brock Doubledee, D.O.            Shari Eich, M.D.                     
Michael Elliot, M.D.                  David Ermer, M.D.                   
Lawrence Fenton, M.D.            Nancy Free, D.O.                    
Ashutosh Gupta, M.D.              Geoffrey Haft, M.D.                 
Karen Hanisch, CNP                Bethany Helvig, M.D.              
Scott Henry, M.D.                     Deborah Hickman, CNP          
Shannon Hoime, M.D.              Jennifer Jenson, M.D.             
Heather Johnson, CNP            Julie Johnson, M.D.                
Stephen Karl, M.D.                  Rick Kooima, M.D.                  
Farid Kutayli, M.D.                   Terry Lang, M.D.                     
Laura Larsen, M.D.                  Edward Mailloux, M.D.            
Christiane Maroun, M.D.          James McGrann, M.D.            
Scott McKercher, M.D.             Vaughn Meyer, M.D.               
Rebecca Mork, CNP                Stephen Nanton, M.D.            
Candice Nelson, M.D.              Tom Novacheck, M.D.            
Joe Olsen, DDS                       Rebecca Palugyay, MSW                    
Jenifer Reitsma, CNP              Jon Ryckman, M.D.                
Jorge Sanchez, M.D.               Samuel Schimelpfenig, M.D.
Scott Schneider, M.D.              J.B. Skibinski, DDS                 
Melvin Thaler, DDS                  Geoffrey Tufty, M.D.                
Craig Uthe, M.D.                      Michelle Van Beek, M.D.         
Wilfredo Veloira, M.D.              Joseph Vogel, M.D.
Timothy Walker, M.D.               James Wallace, M.D.              
Donna Weinacht, M.D.             Bryan Wermers, CNP             
David West, M.D.                     Joseph Zenel, M.D.                
Aaron Zylstra, M.D.

"I was grateful for the chance to volunteer at Children's Care while I was in college to gain a better understanding of the needs of children with special needs, as well as those of their families. This was a great opportunity!"
– Alexi M., Volunteer
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