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Cranial Remolding Program

Cranial Remolding

Parents whose infants were treated for positional plagiocephaly by Rehabilitation Medical Supply reported a 98.6% overall satisfaction rate in a 2007 survey. Patient families reported feeling informed and comfortable throughout the treatment, with 100% saying they would recommend Rehabilitation Medical Supply to others for cranial remolding.*

Our program offers:

  • A five-person cranial remolding treatment team
  • Free evaluation of the infant's head shape based on standardized measurements
  • Communication with physician(s)
  • Custom-made STARband remolding helmets made by the FDA-certified manufacturer
  • Full treatment program, including insurance filing when applicable

For several years, Rehabilitation Medical Supply has been the area's leading provider of treatment for infants with positional plagiocephaly, using STAR cranial remolding orthoses from Orthomerica. The helmets are lightweight, custom molded orthoses, manufactured under strict FDA guidelines as required for Type II medical devices, and have been used to successfully treat thousands of infants with plagiocephaly.

Rehabilitation Medical Supply has now invested in the STARscanner laser data acquisition system, using Type 1, eye-safe lasers, eliminating the need for the casting process. The STARscanner takes less than 2 seconds to scan, and is the most accurate means of collecting 3-D head shape data for custom orthoses. In addition, the STARscanner compares scans of the patient's head throughout the treatment process to document and measure the changes in shape. These measurements are issued in a STARscanner Summary Report that can be distributed to referring physicians, parents, and insurance companies to illustrate positive clinical outcomes.

Whether head shape anomalies are due to the infant spending more time on his/her back, birth trauma, multiple births, or sustained intrauterine positioning, it's important to remember that if the child's head hasn't rounded out on its own by the time he/she is 4 or 5 months old, it usually won't. Age 4 to 7 months is ideal for treatment, and an infant is usually in the helmet for only 2 ½ months. From age 8 - 12 months, the treatments last approximately 4 ½ months. Though most infants have about 80-85 % of their head growth by their first birthday, it is possible to effect change up to about 18 months.

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Free torticollis screenings:
Infants with flat areas on their heads often also have tightness in the neck, called torticollis or wry neck syndrome, which can be treated with specialized physical therapy. Experienced physical therapists with affiliate Children's Care provide torticollis screenings at no charge. Just call for a screening appointment if you suspect this condition in your baby.

We welcome your questions! Call (605) 444-9700 for appointment or details. (800-584-9294, Ext. 9700.)

Rehabilitation Medical Supply is affiliated with Children's Care Hospital & School. It is located at the Children's Care Rehabilitation Center to provide the best possible support for clients.

* Full survey results available upon request.

"We are so pleased with the help Children's Care has offered our family. The skills they have taught Matthew will help him not only in Kindergarten, but for the rest of his life. I would recommend the In-Home Behavior Therapy program for anyone with a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder."
– Cindy S., Parent
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Cranial Remolding Program
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