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Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Sensory integration is the way we organize, process, and interpret information we gather from movement, touch, sound, visual input, taste, and gravity.

Sensory Integration Disorder, sometimes called Sensory Processing Disorder, affects how a child interprets information from the environment. It can impact motor skills, coordination, visual attention to task and tracking, self-care skills, feeding, and emotional tone. It is a complex disorder that can affect children with and without known medical and developmental challenges.

Different types of sensory processing challenges include:

  • Hypersensitivity-a child feels bombarded with information, unable to filter out sensations of sound, sights, and touch.
  • Hyperactivity-a child is unable to process environmental information correctly, seeking out stimulation.

Evaluations and treatment 
These children can be helped through proper evaluation and therapies. Children's Care has staff trained and certified in sensory integration-based testing and treatment. To determine if a child has a Sensory Integration Disorder, our staff administers the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), as well as utilizing sensory profiles, questionnaires, family discussion, and professional observations of the child.

Once a disorder is determined, Children's Care develops an individualized therapy program using our expansive range of therapeutic equipment, expertise, and training.

Find out more about Sensory Integration Disorder (link to Sensory Integration Disorders PDF-to come from client), including signs which may indicate a child is dealing with a Sensory Integration Disorder.

"We are so pleased with the help Children's Care has offered our family. The skills they have taught Matthew will help him not only in Kindergarten, but for the rest of his life. I would recommend the In-Home Behavior Therapy program for anyone with a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder."
– Cindy S., Parent
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Sensory Integration Disorder

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