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Special Education Services

Children's Care Hospital and School provides exceptional educational services for individuals with specialized educational, behavioral, therapeutic, and/or medical needs. Individualized and comprehensive services are available for children birth through age 21. The educational program is approved through the South Dakota Department of Education and is a leader in the implementation of content based individualized programming. Children's Care Hospital & School adheres to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Act Improvement Act and No Child Left Behind.

Children's Care Hospital and School provides a variety of innovative educational services based on the individual learning, medical, and therapeutic needs of the child. Options include 24 hour integrated residential and school services, day programming services, dual enrollment with the a local educational agency, dual enrollment with adult service agency, extended school year services, in house tutorial services, and birth to three services.

Through detailed analysis, diagnosis, and consultation with our interdisciplinary team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Psychologists, teachers, therapists, dietician, and physicians, individualized programming is developed for each child. Families, Local Educational Agencies, and service agencies work collaboratively with the expert staff at Children's Care Hospital & School to conduct evaluations, specialized programming, and development of Individualized Educational Plans and Treatment Plans. Program development focuses on the "whole child" and their individual needs.

From the moment a child enters Children's Care Hospital and School, there is an emphasis on the acquisition of the skills necessary for independence and the reintegration to the least restrictive environment. Social skills, communication, academics, vocational training, community skills, as well as activities of daily living, such as personal care skills, dressing and grooming, are all taught with this goal in mind.

Highly specialized classrooms provide a variety of learning environments for children based on their age, abilities, behavior, and academic goals Comprehensive evaluation, Individual Family Services Plans (Birth to Three), Individual Education Plans (Age 3 through 21), and Treatment and Care Plans provide the foundation for the implementation of research based teaching strategies.

The Educational Services enlist the expertise of highly specialized teaching staff to provide comprehensive services to children with a broad range of cognitive, behavioral, physical, medical, and therapeutic needs. They include teachers, psychologists, board certified behavior analysts, assistive technology specialists, computer specialist, specialized librarian services, music therapist, adapted aquatics, and specialized adapted physical education provide a highly structured setting with an excellent staff to student ratio.

Together with the medical community, we provide an optimal environment for learning and growing.  Students interact with peers, as well as frequent classroom volunteers from the local schools. Our preschool program includes a reverse integration opportunity for students to learn and acquire social, behavioral, and academic skills.

"Of course the best part of working at Children's Care are the kids and families I meet everyday. The courage, passion and love that you feel from them is amazing and makes me feel very blessed to be part of this organization. I also love working among individuals of various educational backgrounds because I am able to learn something new everyday from them. Everyone is always so willing to volunteer to lend a hand or answer a question when asked."
– Megan J., Rehab Center Therapy Supervisor
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