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Inpatient Treatment Options

Inpatient Treatment Options 

When a child enters a residential school, parents sometimes fear that that they will have to "give up" their child. At Children's Care, our philosophy is that while day-to-day responsibilities shift to professional caregivers, educators, and therapists, parents are critical partners in shaping their child's educational, therapeutic, and social experiences.

Parents are encouraged to be active advocates for their child, setting goals and measuring progress. Family visits are strongly encouraged and family members are always welcome to stay at our facility guest residence while visiting. Some children return home on the weekends and holidays, helping to maintain strong bonds with parents, siblings, and extended family.

Every day I find myself smiling as I walk down the hallway; I just cannot get over the fact that this is my job. The smiles and laughter that comes from the students I work with rejuvenate my commitment to them and makes my soul feel whole. The thing I enjoy most about working at Children's Care, is knowing that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of every child and family I work with, and that makes me feel like I'm leading a purpose driven life.
– Robert B., Teacher
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