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Social Skills Groups

New Social Skills Groups start in September 2014!


LifeScape is offering two new ten-week Social Skills Groups, this September-November. The groups meet once a week, offering intensive practice in socialization, manners, self-awareness, anger-management, and more. These groups are helpful for children with autism spectrum disorders, but are also beneficial to any child age 4-16 that has trouble with socialization, is very shy, or has trouble fitting in.

Group 1 meets Tuesdays, September 16-November 18, and Group 2 meets Thursdays, September 18-November 20. Groups are led by Dr. Aimee Deliramich, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. A social skills group may be for your child is he or she has these difficulties:

  • Interacting and playing with peers
  • Making new friends
  • Being rejected by other kids
  • Plays alone
  • Becomes angry easily
  • Is unable to engage in or initiate a conversation
  • Doesn't notice how other perceive him/her

Group times are 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at LifeScape, 1020 West 18th Street in Sioux Falls. (Formerly Children's Care Rehabilitation Center.) Cost is $350 per child. Insurance coverage does not apply, but some scholarship funds are available.

For details or to register for the summer or fall groups, call Carla at (605) 444-9700.

"After six months of physical therapy with Becky Rippe of Children's Care through the Birth to 3 Program, our son Jackson is performing at his age level in terms of his gross motor skills. Becky was fantastic with him, and was ALWAYS very encouraging. We feel very blessed and thankful that we chose to have him complete this program."
– Trent & Melissa P., Parents