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POSTED: MAR 23, 2011

Early intervention makes all the difference, which is why the Children's Care Rehabilitation Center in Sioux Falls offers several types of free screenings.  "It's heartbreaking for us to have a child come in when it's too late to help," says Kristin Tuttle, Rehabilitation Center Director.  "That's why we're offering free screenings to answer questions as soon as a parent starts wondering about their child's development."

Developmental screenings are being offered the first Wednesday morning of every month from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.  Screenings are provided by an occupational therapist, with a speech-language pathologist and physical therapist when needed.  We use the Denver II Developmental Screening tool, recognized in educational and medical settings nationwide.

Torticollis or neck tightness is a condition in which a baby's neck muscles are shortened on one side, and pulls the baby's head to one side. Physical therapy can address this problem when caught early, and prevent pain and the need for surgery later.

Cranial remolding scans are provided at no charge for infants 18 months old and younger who have misshapen heads or flat spots.  Correction is provided by a painless plastic helmet worn for a few months to round out the baby's head.

Autism screenings are provided for children aged three and under. The one hour screenings include testing by up to four professionals.  If further testing is recommended, a doctor's order is needed for a full autism evaluation at Children's Care, which is led by pediatric psychiatrist Dr. David Ermer, and also includes a psychologist, audiologist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist.

For any of these free screenings, call Carla at (605) 782-2400 for an appointment.

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"To reach out is a risk. When I reached out to Children's Care, I felt appreciated. That feeling is still with me. It's great to be here. Thank you for all you have done and all you have given to me."
– Vicky C., Volunteer
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