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POSTED: APR 01, 2014

After more than a year of discussions and exploration, Children's Care Hospital & School and South Dakota Achieve have joined to form “LifeScape,” effective April 1, 2014.  

Anne Rieck McFarland, previously President/CEO of South Dakota Achieve, has been named LifeScape's Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Jack Hopkins of Sioux Falls will chair the newly formed LifeScape Board of Directors.  The affiliation of South Dakota Achieve, which served adults, and Children's Care, which served youngsters through age 21, will offer supports for the lifespan of individuals with disabilities.
Children's Care, originally “Crippled Children's Hospital & School,” opened in 1952 to provide medical and educational services to children recovering from polio.   In 1958, the “Sioux Chapter Workshop for the Mentally Retarded” (later “Sioux Vocational Services” and eventually “South Dakota Achieve”) began providing services to children with developmental disabilities, and later moved to serving only adults and older adolescents.  Both organizations were pioneers in providing much-needed specialized services in South Dakota and evolved significantly with the changing needs of children and adults with disabilities.
Today, as a new non-profit organization serving adults and children with disabilities, LifeScape offers a large range of programs and services that help people with mild to significant disabilities reach their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives.  LifeScape will continue to provide all of the services of Children's Care Hospital & School and South Dakota Achieve to an anticipated 2,300 children and adults through programs in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and many communities and school districts throughout South Dakota.  Programs include inpatient rehabilitation; inpatient medically complex medical care; residential services; outpatient therapy and psychology services; supported living;  special education; supported community employment and employment preparedness;  meaningful day services; specialized rehabilitation equipment; orthotics and prosthetics;  volunteer opportunities;  and community & school-based outreach therapy services.
In a statement released today, Ms. Rieck McFarland said, “The paths of Children's Care and South Dakota Achieve have come together to form this new and exciting organization.  LifeScape will provide a continuum of services to support people of all ages throughout South Dakota.  The opportunity to help people at any point in their life's journey with the combined expertise and experience of our two long-standing organizations is a dream come true.  We are thankful for our boards' vision when they began this exploration – a vision that we will be better together.”
LifeScape is committed to promoting independence for children and adults by providing specialized services, healthcare, community connections, and lifelong learning .  LifeScape's vision for the future is to be responsive, innovative, and dynamic in developing and delivering services to ignite life changing opportunities.
The foundations of Children's Care Hospital & School and South Dakota Achieve have merged to form the LifeScape Foundation, with the mission of supporting the programs and services provided by LifeScape.

For more information, visit the LifeScape website at or call 605.444.9500.

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"I like to volunteer at Children's Care because even though I don't work directly with the students, there are still many jobs I am able to do that help them behind the scenes. This year I celebrated my 2-year anniversary volunteering here at Children's Care!"
– Christopher F., Volunteer
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